About Us

RealTalk.biz is a video blogging platform for the BLACK community to learn, network, and empower each other. We are a community of people who want to create a safe space for people to embrace humanity for what it is. Seeing how the world has evolved around our culture, we want to inspire our community to share content that creates awareness, drive contagious motivation through our success stories, and empower each other through engagement and respect. We are continuously on a hunt for like-minds who can also contribute to the community.


The RealTalk.biz community is a place to promote the next man, and woman, up philosophy by creating an enabling online platform where successful black people can share their success stories, motivational tips and how-to’s to the rest of the community via video, blogs, and our audio podcasts. Our platform gives room for people to learn, relate, and share their thoughts and opinions with others as we aim to become a source of empowerment, growth, and inspiration for black people worldwide.


The time has come for black people to have Real Talk in order to drive Real Change in order to create Real Leaders. Let's show 'em who we really are!